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Reverend John Antonius Rotchford, born 1834 in Alexandria, Virginia; died 5 Oct 1896 in St Vincent's Hospital, New York, New York; buried in Dominican Plot, Calvary Cemetery, Long Island City, NY. Notes: John is listed in the 1850 U.S. Census as a 16 year-old student, living in the home of Bartholomew Rotchford. John is listed in the 1880 U.S. Census as a 46 year-old priest in Washington, DC, under the name ROCHFORD. His Father's birthplace was Ireland, and his Mother's birthplace was England. Principally educated at St. Joseph's near Somerset, Ohio, he became a Dominican priest and served many places in the country and became well known. More than once he proposed for the miter. He served as a Pastor/Superior of St. Dominic's Church and Priory 1869-1872, and was overseeing some development of St. Joseph's Cathedral in Columbus, Ohio. The Notre Dame Archives mentions a John A. Rotchford, OP, a Dominican father of the Convent of St Joseph's, Perry County, Ohio as being a Superior in London, Canada, dated February 26, 1864.