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Phillip Rotchford, born 1820 in Alexandria, Virginia; died 19 Oct 1878 in Spring Park, Arlington County, Virginia. Notes: The 1850 US Census lists Philip, age 28, living in the home of Bartholomew Rotchford. The Alexandria Gazette of 2-13-1855 lists Philip as elected to the office of the County trustee of the Young Catholic Friends Society. It is interesting to note that also mentioned in the article is Richard L. Carne, a cousin. He is again listed in the 1860 U.S. Census as living in Alexandria, Alexandria County, Virginia in the household of Thomas Dwyer. This must be the same Thomas Dwyer mentioned in the article about Shuter's Hill Brewery which is detailed in Richard Rotchford's history. In a book named Alexandria (Arlington)County, Virginia Death Records, 1853-1896, Phillip is listed as follows: Phillip, a 58 year old white male died October 19, 1878 in Spring Park, Arlington, Virginia of Bright's disease (nephritis). He was the son of Bartholomew and Josephine ( Janepher's middle name) of Alexandria County, a farmer, consort (husband) of Mary Rotchford. (This is the first indication that he is married) To date, nothing else is known about him and needs further investigation (Source Marhta Michalak)