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Richard L. Rotchford, Sr

The 1870 census Lee Township Fairfax County VA showed the following int the household of Richard with the surname Rotchford

Richard L Sr. Age 39 Farmer

Permilia Age 34 Keeping Home

Jane age 18..domestic Servant

John Age 12 (B. 1858?) Worked on Farm

Richard Jr. Age 10 (B. 1860?) Worked on Farm

Phillip (Hutter)Age 5 (b. 1865?)

James Age 4 (b. 1866?)

Helen Age 1(b. 1869?)

The June 1880 Census of Lee Township Fairfax CountyVirginia showed Richard Libbey 49 a farmer and Permilia Homemaker Age 44

Stuart Age 15? (b, 1865?) student

Richard Junior Age 19 (b. 1860) worked as a US Signal Service

(Phillip)Hutter Age 16? (b. 1864?)

Joseph Age 3 (b. 1877?)

Helen Age 11 (b. 1869?)

Evaluating the above the Richard and Helen findings are consistent. Did James pass away in later childhood? Also what happened to Stuart in 1880..he would of been 5 in 1870 but didn't seem to be noted? Did I misread his age on the initial document?? Or as in the case of the Phillip and Hutter mystery perhaps James and Stuart are one in the same? James Stuart Rotchford??

Regarding inconsistencies in the 1870 and 1880 Censuses Ms. Martha Michalak wrote: "I originally thought they were brothers, but as I have never been able to find anything else on Hutter, I began to think they were one in the same due to a census double-count. Josette Baker's elderly mother said she remembered him and confirmed that they were one and the same."

Richard Libby Rotchford Sr, born 12 Dec 1830 in Munson Hill, Alexandria, Virginia; died 7 Jun 1896 in Alexandria, Alexandria, Virginia; buried Jun 1896 in St.Mary's Cemetery, Alexandria, Virginia. Notes: In a 1996 article authored by Shirley Scalley regarding excavation of Shuter's Hill Brewery, Alexandria, Virginia, both Bartholomew and Richard Rotchford are mentioned as past owners of the property which is located in the West End portion of Alexandria. "In 1817 Bartholomew Rotchford leased the lots and purchased them from John West's daughters in 1824. Over the next 30 years, he acquired a great deal of West End land that was conveyed at his death to his son Richard Rotchford. Shortly thereafter, Richard Rotchford sought tenants for the idle land." The article goes on to discuss the brewery history, and then mentions "During the Civil War, Richard Rotchford was accused of being "engaged in armed rebellion against the government of the United States and the US Marshall seized the property. Thomas Dwyer (RLR's brother Phillip was living in this man's home at one time-see Philip's listing) bought it at auction, but then returned the property to Richard Rotchford in 1865 for $300.00. Rotchford sold the property to John Klein for $1000.00 ten days later." The 1850 US Census lists Richard as a 19 year old clerk, residing in the home of Bartholomew Rotchford in Alexandria, Virginia. The Civil War Service Records list R.L.Rotchford, a Confederate private, in Captain Otey's Company, Virginia Light Artillery, and he was discharged as a private. The Alexandria Gazette reports on 11-29-1860 that the board of aldermen ordered that the Auditor issue a warrant in favor of Richard Rotchford for $2, being part of tax on real estate for 1859. A local newspaper reports on 1-1-1862 that Richard L Rotchford, along with 2 other males were arrested and afterwards discharged. The article was about Civil War militia activities. The Fairfax County News reports that Richard L Rotchford was appointed to re-assess the lands in Lee Township The 1870 US Census, Lee, Fairfax, Virginia lists 39 year old Richard L. Rotchford as a farmer, his land is worth $2,000 and his personal property is woth $200. In his home resides his wife Permelia, 18 year old daughter Jane (Janepher),who is listed as a domestic servant, which was the way all adult unmarried women in a household were listed by the census takers, (she would later marry the farmer next door, Simeon Denty), his 18 year old son John who "works on the farm", 10 year old Richard who "works on the farm", 5 year old Philip, 4 year old James, and 1 year old Helen. Simeon Denty, a 32 year old farmer, lives next door (Jane/Janepher's future husband.) The Fairfax News, January 30, 1874 indicates that RL Rotchford is a Fairfax County assessor, re-assessing lands. The Fairfax News, 4-24-1874 reports that RL Rotchford was nominated for township clerk and justice of the peace. The Fairfax News of 6-5-1874 reports that RL Rotchford was elected as the Lee Township Clerk The 1880 US Census indicates he was 49 years old at the time, and his occupation was farming, in Lee, Fairfax, Virginia. Four sons are listed as living with him, but 16 year old Phillip was, at the time, apprenticed out to Joseph Cooper in Fairfax as a carriagemaker. There is 1 daughter, Helen, but the older daughter, Janepher Rebecca was already married and out of the family home. Mark Dennis Rotchford reports that in the 1890's RLR,Sr signed a Quit Claim Deed giving up any rights to the farm that was taken by the Union Army during the Civil War. He is buried in the same family plot as his parents and his wife at St Mary's Cemetery in Alexandria, Virginia. (Martha Michalak source)