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The original family name may well originate from the French name: "Rochefort" which means strong rock and is an old city t in the midwest of France. One might imagine that our ancestors were call De Rochefort...which means from the place where there is a strong rock (castle??)

Family trees are understandably quite extensive. This page contains four generations starting with Bartholomew and Janapher Carne Rotchford down to the children of Richard Libby Jr. and Eva Chase Rotchford. You can find other lines of descent by finding descendants that indicate links for further family. Of course this is a project without an end. Please send corrections or further information to

Note the Following:

Names that have a link mean the person has a page of their own with hopefully more information. We've tried to exclude identifying information on descendant who are still living. Please contact if you seek further specific information.

Indicates that the two people above the arrow have produced the children under the arrow

*** Indicates that the person did not have any known children

There are colored links below the names of family members with further family lineage coming from them.


Oldest American Rotchford family members as per our lineage are as per St. Mary's Cemetary, Alexandria, VA Bartholomew and Janapher Rotchford. The marriage of Bartholomew Rotchford and Janepher Josephine Carne is listed in the Alexandria and Arlington County, Virginia Minister Returns and Marriage Bonds, 1801-1852. It also lists Janepher's guardian as her grandfather, Richard Libby. Her father, William Carne, had died 3 years prior to her wedding. Female descendants for generations afterwards were named after Janepher with various spellings (Jannepher, Jennipher, etc)
We as of yet do not have any information on the geneology of Bartholomew Rotchford. Go to the link for Janapher to find English (Carne, Libby) ancestors for at least two generations.


Bartholomew Rotchford
Born: County Wexford, Ireland in 1777
Died: 4/3/1857 Age 80
Janepher Carne Rotchford
Born: Cornwall, England 1792
Wife of Bart Rotchford
Died: 12/22/1846 Age 54

Philip Rotchford***
Born: 1820
Died: 10/19/1878 Age 58

Mary (Unknown)

No further family known

Susan Rotchford

Born 1828?`

Richard Libby Rotchford (1st)
Born: 12/12/1830 Munson Hill
Alexandria, VA
Died:6/7/1896 Age 66
Alexandria, VAMarried:
Permilia Rebecca Corson
Born: 12/4/1834 Baltimore, Maryland
Died: 2/11/1910 Alexandria, VA age 75
John Antonias Rotchford***

Born 1/26/1834
Died 10/5/1896

Picture of John A
is available at above link


Mary Margaret born 1825 in Alexandria, Alexandria, Virginia
Married 6/8/1833

(Age 8?)

Wesley Summers

(Jane)pher Rebecca Rotchford Denty
Born: 1852?

Married: Simeon Denty

Further Family

Bartholomew Corson Rotchford***
Born: April 1855
Died: July 21, 1856 age 15 months

John F. Rotchford***
Born: 9/14/1857
Died: 10/24/49 Age: 93

Richard Libby Rotchford Jr.
Born:11/22/1860 Munson Hill
Alexandria, VA
Died: 2/1/1920 Veradale, WA
Age 59

Eva Chase Rotchford
Born: 8/21/1892
River Sioux
Harrison City, Iowa
Died: 10/24/1949
Veradale, Age 85

Phillip Hutter Rotchford
B. 1864
D. 10/12/1936

Anna Sutherland Rotchford

Further Family

James Stuart Rotchford

Born 8/131866
Died 3/2/1945

Married Mary Unknown


Helen Rotchford
Born 1869

Married Lane

Further Family?


Joseph Rotchford

Born 1877?

1. Richard Irvin Rotchford ***
Born: 8/10/1882 Rapid City, S.D.
Died 11/4/1946 Spokane, WA Age 64
Buried: Greenwood SPK
7. Joseph A. Rotchford ***
Born: 8/21/1892 Spokane Bridge, WA Terr.
Died: 7/4/63 Age 70
Buried: St. Jospeh's-Trentwood
2. Paul Sidney (Sid) Rotchford
Born: 8/14/1884 Coeur d'Alene, ID
Died: 12/10/1942 Monte Rio, CA Age 58
Buried: Guerneville, CA
Further Family
8. Chase August Rotchford ***
Born: 9/17/1894 Spokane Bridge
Died: 8/7/1902 Age 8 (Scarlet Fever)
Buried: St. Joseph's Trentwood
3. Alonzo Edward (Ted) Rotchford ***
Born: 4/29/1886 Coeur D'Alene, ID
Died: 1/18/1959 Olympia, WA Age 73
9. Robert Lee Rotchford
Born: 12/6/1896
Died: 10/4/1960 Age 63
Buried: Holy Cross Cemetery, SPK
Further Family
4. John Gibbons Rotchford
Born: 10/14/1887 Spokane Falls, WA Terr.
Died: 8/1/1982 Age 94
Buried: Holy Cross Cemetery
Further Family
10. Francis Stewart Rotchford ***
Born 4/7/1897 Spokane Bridge WA
Died: 9/2/1899 Age 2
Buried: St. Joseph's -Trentwood, WA
5. Bernard Leo Rotchford ***
Born: 7/16/1891 Spokane Bridge WA Terr.
Died: 8/19/1951 Age 62
Buried: St. Joseph's
11. Helen Mary Rotchord ***
Born: 7/30/1899 Spokane Bridge, WA
Died: 8/18/1960
Buried: St. Joseph's Age 61
6. Mary Permillia Rotchford
Born: 7/5/1891
Died: 9/14/1891 Age 2 months
Buried: St. Joseph's
12. Francis Stewart Rotchford (2nd)
Born 9/21/1901
Died: 8/1/1971 Age 70
Buried: Olympia, WA
Further Family
  13. Herbert Alton Rotchford
Died: 10/11/81 Age 78
Buried: Holy Cross Cemetery, SPK
Further Family

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